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Rollerball and telemedicine

Found while performing legal research for the Free Trade project:

The 1975 movie Rollerball predicted that in the year 2018 the nation-states of the world would be supplanted by city-states producing specialized products. For example, Rollerball predicted that Houston would have a monopoly on the energy market. For many years the discussion of such a future was limited to the annals of science fiction. This, however, is no longer true as commentators on globalization increasingly view the geopolitical world as having Rollerballian aspects. So a reasonable question to contemplate is whether such a future is applicable to healthcare; i.e., will there be a single city providing healthcare services to the world?

T R McLean, “International Law, Telemedicine & Health Insurance: China as a case study.” (2006) 32 Am. J.L. & Med. 7.

And who says that having a film degree doesn’t complement being a lawyer?

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