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Very plain language EULA

In part of my research for the Eduserv study on the use of open content licences, such as Creative Commons, by cultural heritage organisations, I ran into Spoken Word Services.  This site is an audio archive of BBC material held for access by educational institutions.

It has an extremely informal End User Licence Agreement (EULA). I particularly like the  indemnification clause and the choice of law and jurisdiction clause:

You will pay us any costs and damages we suffer if you do something you’re not allowed to. This would include the costs of our legal types. As we are proud to be a Scottish based project, this agreement will be under Scots law and enforced in the Scottish courts.

I also like this description of the educational restriction:

You can only use the material for educational purposes, so don’t go selling it on e-Bay. Beyond the fact that it is illegal, it is also not very nice.

I hope to find out in the project if they considered a Creative Commons like licence for their content. The EULA and their separate copyright policy restricts the use of the content outside of the educational setting and specifically prohibits placing any of the files on a page accessible to the internet.


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