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What I’ve been surfing for 2nd July 2007 through 11th July 2007

These are my links for 2nd July 2007 through 11th July 2007:

  • SSRN-Open Access, Law, Knowledge, Copyrights, Dominance and Subordination by Ann Bartow - After a brief scan, Looks like the main argument is that without access to secondary material about the practice of law, that access to legal scholarship won’t really have that much of a public benefit.
  • China gamers rattled over ‘WoW’ skeletons | CNET News.com - Despite the obtuse title, it appears that WoW may have been altered for the Chinese market as a result of pressure from the government over web content.
  • Governing Intellectual Property Claims - Project looking at governance in IP issues at Hamburg. Specifically focusing on Software patents and IPRED disputes, and the governance mechanisms behind them.
  • Cory Doctorow?s craphound.com >> Blog Archive » The Hacker Crackdown, Part 001 - Cory’s reading The Hacker Crackdown.
  • The £300k uni that gives tutorials on a virtual beach | the Daily Mail - The University of Edinburgh has its own island in SL
  • Get Grandpa’s FBI Files - A how to guide to requesting FBI files.

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