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Post conference aftermath - Geeks and Scholars

I spoke at two conferences (and one lunch seminar) over the past two weeks. Slides and audio to come soon, I promise. The first was at the Society of Legal Scholars 2007 annual conference in Durham. The paper that I delivered there was about mesh networking and internet regulation. It’s some work that I started about two years ago, and have just been revisiting and reworking. We’ll see as to how it progresses. In truth, Daithi blew me out of the water at Gikii with his presentation on net neutrality and LOL cats, and even though it didn’t address mesh networking as an alternative, his thinking in this area is much more advanced.

At Gikii — I presented on copyright and tattoos, which I think went over well. Some thoughts on this subject are available on this blog, and overall Gikii was an amazing day. A full report to come soon.

I also presented on my ongoing research into the use of open content licences by cultural heritage organisations (for the homepage of this project, click here). This presentation was at a lunch session in Bath kindly put on by the Eduserv Foundation, who are funding the project. Presentation slides and screencast to come soon over at opencontentlawyer.com.

Gikii blog round up.

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I guess in retrospect, some parts of Gikii were a mini law bloggers conference. Made me sad to have missed this year’s UK law bloggers conference, and determined to go next year.


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